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Telematics Installation

Empower your fleet managers and administrators to solve unique business challenges, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and more.
GPS tracking system installation - S&L Fleet

GPS Tracking

Fleet management systems allow fleets to improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimize the time required to manage their fleets. 

Regardless if your telematics installation requires a single vehicle plug and play tracker or a large fleet installation over many locations across the US we have you covered.  S&L Fleet Services installations include: three-wire hardwired installs, PTO connections, Driver ID, roof-mounted antennas, and asset trackers for cars, trucks, vans, semi-trucks, and more.   

Trailor Tracking Sensors

S&L Fleet Services has installed many different configurations of tailor tracking and management sensors and devices for trailers.  The benefits to these types of IoT systems include: real-time visibility into operations, ability to maximize trailer utilization, and ability to protect from unwanted intruders or issues with trailer temperature.

Sensors include: trailer tracking devices, door sensors, reefer temperature monitoring and control.
Truck Trailer Telematics and sensors - S&L Fleet Services
Hours of Service (HOS) - ELD Installation - S&L Fleets

Hours of Service / ELD Tracking

ELD is an electronic solution that enables professional truck drivers and commercial motor carriers to easily track Hours of Service (HOS) compliance.  These systems connect to the vehicle and begin recording whenever there is motion.

S&L Fleets Services telematics installation services includes many different configurations and manufactures of ELD tracking devices to help trucking companies easily meet DOT compliance.

Mobile Modems / Field Connectivity

S&L Fleets Services installs various different types of field connectivity devices to enable your trucks to become mobile offices.  These include mobile modems, routers, satellite tv, and more.
Mobile Connectivity Installation - S&L Fleet Services


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